A steady and plentiful easterly wind met club members and visitors alike for the joint Comet Trio and GP14 Open Meeting on Saturday 25 March 2017.

OOD for the day was Jim Hopton ably assisted by Richard Charles, the rescue crews and the important Galley and Bar Teams.   Thanks go to all the support from members that made this a successful event for our fleets and visitors.

Comet Trios – Lucky Pants Padro Wins!

A small but competitive fleet of six, mainly comprising of home boats began their contest. Within the pack was last year’s winner Bob and Colette Horlock from Exe Sailing Club, which is the home to the strongest Comet Trio fleet in the country.

In the first race it was the “Bushwackers” with dad and son team of Stuart and Rory Bush who established a substantial lead to take the first race ahead of Adrian and Tracie Padro. Last year’s winner came in third.
In the second race Stuart and Rory were looking confident managing to stay ahead of the Adrian and Tracie and opening up a safe margin.  With minds clearly elsewhere, probably contemplating that having had most of the winter off was a good thing, the Padro’s nearly took Stuart and Rory on the final two downwind legs.  With Stuart and Rory now forced into defensive play, it wasn’t long before Adrian and Tracie were able to seize their opportunity and win the race.  Third and fourth positions were equally hotly contested with a draw on the line between Tony Fulford and Bob / Colette Horlock!

Into the last race and for the decider….. Well it was certainly going to be a Shustoke boat home first, which was good to see given that in previous years both crews had been bridesmaids in this event.
It was at this point that it is rumoured that Adrian suggested that Tracie wore his lucky snood to keep her warm in the closing race.  Tracie, always suspicious of a gift from Adrian, checked out the item of clothing and realised that the snood was branded “Calvin Klein” with an extra hole at one end.  Despite Adrian trying to pass-off his undergarments as a snood Adrian and Tracie managed to win the last race snatching the victory from Stuart and Rory.

Final Comet Trio results:

 GP 14 – Midland Bell

This was the opening race of the Midland Bell series and I am reliably informed that the Shustoke open is used as a warm up to the second meeting at Chase Water because the winner of that event usually goes on to win the Midland Bell Series.

As expected there were a good number of visitors on the day with some well known names from the past, such as, Ian Willis and Frank Nicholas who last year sailed with Shustoke’s Jack Bennett.

The race for the title was extremely tight at the front end with the top three all drawing on 4 points after two races. The eventual winner was Ian Willis and Keith Dutton from South Staffs SC with an eventual 2 wins in their score line.

From Shustoke there was a tussle for 7th and 8th place between Paul Rice/Pete Smith and Bill Overton/Dave Griffiths.  Paul and Pete showed improvement throughout the day managing a 6th in the last race.  Andy Blears and Sally Wright also had a close battle for 10th and 11th with Shustoke’s previous members Peter Carbutt and Tony Lloyd.  Who knows what would have happened if Andy and Sally had completed the last race!

Final GP14 results:

Stuart Hydon
Rear Commodore, Sailing