The 42nd AGM of Shustoke Sailing Club got underway at 19:30 hours on Friday 24thMarch 2017.
The Commodore, Peter Dunn, welcomed the assembled members and convened the meeting, then continued by working through the normal procedures of  Apologies for Absence, Appointment of Auditor, Adoption of the 2016 AGM minutes etc.  Then followed reports from the Officers:- Commodores Report, followed by the Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts, this was followed by the Sailing Secretary’s Report, and then a Statement from the Trustees.
There followed the Election of the Commodore for 2017-2018.
Elected :- Chris Padro
A new position of Vice-Commodore was proposed to the AGM and Peter Smith was duly Elected.
Other Positions Elected at the meeting:-

Rear Commodore Sailing        Stuart Hydon
Rear Commodore Training      Peter Dunn
Rear Commodore House         vacant
Secretary                               Lawrence Dooley
Membership Secretary            Bob Kennett
Treasurer                               vacant
Sailing Secretary                    Zara Turtle
Duty Roster Officer                 David Moore
Bar Manager                           Mike Edwards
Marketing Officer                    Les Collier
Boat Park Coordinator            Andy Ward
Other Vacant Positions:-

Site Manager
Harbour Master
Assistant Bar Manager
Youth Development Officer
Following the Elections of Officers, the Treasurer gave the recommendation for an increase of subscriptions for the 2017-2018 year of 5 % which was accepted by a majority vote.
Any Other Business saw several questions from the membership on Finances, Weed Boat Loans, membership numbers etc.
The AGM was then closed, and after a few minutes’ break to replenish glasses, Les Collier was given the opportunity to present an idea to the assembled members in respect of a proposal for a future Offshore Section of Shustoke Sailing Club.  After a full discussion on the subject the meeting dispersed.

It was my great honour to be elected as the new Shustoke Sailing Club Commodore and I look forward to helping steer Shustoke SC to a great future.  I welcome the new appointment of Peter Smith as Vice-Commodore, this position was brought about by my suggestion as I firmly believe that a Flag Officer should always be present at Shustoke wherever possible each weekend.  Peter and I will be working closely together to help ensure that one of us are always present and on hand to assist the membership with any issues.  Shustoke Sailing Club has a great team in place at the helm and the whole team is working to ensure the success and future progress of Shustoke SC.
I also extremely pleased to be able to report that Stuart Hydon has taken on the role of Rear Commodore Sailing.  Stuart will transform this position with his skills and expertise, the Club is extremely fortunate to have Stuart in this position.
It was saddening to hear that Kevin Lynch has decided to step down as Treasurer.  I wish to thank Kevin on behalf of the whole Club for the excellent work he has done on behalf of the Club over the last 12 months, I personally spent many long hours travelling up and down the country with Kevin while we were trying to find a suitable Weed Boat.  Kevin then helped me with the negotiations to achieve the very best deal for the Club (he has great negotiating skills!).
Kevin has also been instrumental in bringing our antiquated accounting systems into the 21st century, and we now enjoy Internet Banking, Sage Accounting, Fuel Cards for obtaining fuel for the rescue boats, etc., and, importantly, the Club’s finances are in a much better position and we have full clarity and control thanks to Kevin’s efforts.
Also it is my sad duty to report that Judith Fullford has decided to step down as Rear Commodore House. Judith has also transformed the galley and the social events at Shustoke SC.  In the last 12 months, Judith and her team of volunteers have contributed so much value to the life and well-being of our great Club.  Judith will be sadly missed, though I am secretly hoping that she will reconsider in due course; one of the reasons that Judith has come to this decision is the common problem at Sailing Clubs – “burn out” of The Few that Do who end up doing everything.
You could possibly help with changing Judith’s mind if you, or someone you know, could possibly do a little more to help.  What is really needed are more people to volunteer to run the galley at weekends so if you or someone you know could possibly help by doing a day in the Galley during this coming year, then please put the names down on the galley list (on the wall next to the galley).  This galley service not only helps feed the sailors but brings in a healthy contribution to the Club funds which all help to keep our overall costs down.  So please, if you can offer any help with the galley, the Club will be extremely grateful.
We have a full and eventful programme at the Club this year.  I would personally appeal to all the membership to come and visit the Club more often and please take part where you can in the various events.  For those members who have drifted away doing other things over the last year and not sailed their boats, again, please, I would ask that you come and take the cover off your boat and at least sail it once in a while.  I am aware that some members are not very keen on racing and that is understandable, we can and do always offer leisure sailing and if you ask the Officer of the Day, he will always ensure you have an area of the lake in which to sail around.
I would finally like to thank all those people who “Do Something” in and around the Club, of which there are many – we simply could not continue without the help of these great members.
So let’s all have a great year at Shustoke and make full use of our wonderful facilities.
Chris Padro