Hi All,

Well where to begin?  What a year we have been having at Shustoke SC.  I have heard it said on several occasions recently that it is so good to see the Club booming.  That is probably the best way to describe our Club at the moment, “booming”.  It’s really great to see so many boats turning out and sailing.  There has been a resurgence of double-handed boats turning out which is also really good to see.  We also have a large number of newer members turning out regularly to sail and their skills are improving each time.

We continue to be a successful Racing Club with several of our sailors doing really well at Open Meetings and Championships.  There are too many to mention but “well done” to all the members who have been travelling and entering these events so successfully.

We entered the Honda/RYA Youth RIB Challenge for the first time this year, we had 15 children aged 8 – 16 who we intensively trained.  We held a local competition at which Maisie Redfern and Harry Marlow were successful in their respective events and went through as Shustoke’s representatives at the Midland Area Final at Staunton Harold.  Both Maisie and Harry managed to finish in third Place overall in their respective age categories, a really fantastic achievement in this, our first year. “Well done” Maisie and Harry. Watch this space next year !

We recently experienced possibly the best Regatta Weekend for many years at Shustoke.  Don’t worry if you missed it – we will be doing it all again next year.

Have you noticed how good the Club looks when you visit?  The grass is cut, the weeds are kept in check – but these things do not happen by magic and so I would like to give our thanks to Denis and all the “Thursday Gang” –  they are really appreciated.

We also have other members who do a great deal of work behind the scenes to help our Club to be the success it is.  Let’s not forget the Weed Boat Team now being managed by David Blakemore.  Yet again, the Weed Boat Volunteer Drivers have been doing two to three days weed cutting every week this year so far to keep our lake weed-free, it is now looking like we have defeated it for another year, but we will keep our eye on the situation closely.  Well done to all the Weed Boat Volunteers, you are doing a really valuable job.

I would like to offer a big thank you, too, to Bruce Garland & David Blakemore who have been a fantastic assistance with the Youth RIB Challenge and Bruce has recently donated to the club two, yes two, ride-on mowers: one to tow our Dory from the boat house to the water, and the other to support the Grounds Crew. Thank you Bruce!

A really big thank you for the people who currently staff our Galley, they do a really fantastic job providing us with great food and beverages over the whole year.  However, all members please note that we are at risk of losing this really valuable and important part of our Club.  Why, I hear you ask?  Because there are just not enough people coming forward and volunteering to help.  We NEED HELP for the GALLEY so if you could possibly offer some time to help, this is something that is open to the men as well as our ladies.  Please contact Judith Fullford or Trish Padro, or alternatively put your name on the list posted on the board outside the Galley. WE NEED YOU!!

This year saw the start of Ladies that Launch on Friday Evenings.  This new group has proved really successful.  This is an excellent time for those newer members, both men & women who are still developing their skills, to join them on the water in a non-competitive way.

Your Committee started the year with some ambitious plans to increase our membership over the next 5 years and I am pleased to report that, so far, the signs are really positive that we are attracting more new members than we have in recent years. The picture is not finalised yet but as soon as we know the details i.e. numbers I will let you all know.  So have a great August and if you have been missing your sailing recently, make plans now to get down to the Club soon while we have this good weather.

Chris Padro