Just a quick reminder that the AGM is on the 18th March at the club house starting at 7:30.

The agenda is – Apologies of absence – Treasurers report – Commodores report – Proposed amendments to constitution – Election of officers – Subscriptions 2016-17 – AOB. After the AGM there will be another presentation/update from the Weed Action Group.

Committee Vacancies 

There are a several officer positions that need filling. These are noted below and a nomination form is on the Official Notice board. The club cannot function effectively without your support in filling these positions. Most are not that onerous so please think whether you could fill one of them.

General Secretary and/or Sailing Secretary – This is presently done by two different individuals and the main meeting role is taking notes and producing written minutes with action points for the committees. In addition, this role involves supporting the Chairman of each committee to ensure club management is timely and effective, such as looking after the insurance requirements, communication with land lord etc.

Membership Secretary – the main role is invoicing members for annual subscriptions, keeping a detailed record of the membership and recording that membership fees have been paid in a timely fashion and following up where needed.

Site Manager – Dependent on the time and ability of the individuals, this can just be a management role ensuring that the day to day running of the club facilities are in good working order with the help of volunteer assistance.

Adult Development Officer – To assist the Training Principal in engaging with existing sailing members to improve their sailing and racing ability.

Weed Boat Update 

At the recent open meeting David Moore and Chris Padro presented the finding of the Weed Action Group. They have been looking at many weed cutting boats and when to start work on keeping the dreaded weed at bay. They launched a member’s loan arrangement whereby members loan the club an amount over a 5-year period to enable the club to purchase our own weed boat, with a deal on this almost concluded. Thus far £20,000 has been raised but at least another £5000 is needed from club members. The WAG’s will also look at getting donations and grants toward the overall cost of £35,000. Early cutting of the weed is due to start at the end of the month.

As mentioned before there will be another presentation/update by the WAG’s after the AGM. If you wish to find out more details about the loan arrangement, please contact Kevin Lynch.

David Moore will be putting together a rota for weed cutting, so please let him know if you can spare some of your time.

There are lots of activities already planned for the year ahead, which you can find details of at the club, on the website (which has recently been refreshed) or our Facebook sites (the public

and members only) We hope to see you on the water, or in the club very soon, Kind regards Peter Dunn Commodore