Here we are, well into June and our club is busy and the sailing is great.  It’s especially nice to see the youngsters coming through in the Oppie Fleet, the standard of their sailing is improving in leaps and bounds.

We have lost a few members on renewal, no more than is the norm, and we have gained a number of new members through the combined Open Days and the excellent work of our Trainers – they are very welcome!

So on a really positive note we are in an OK position membership-wise this year, we always could do with some more new affiliates; we will be trying a number of initiatives to get some new people to join.

Thanks to the efforts of our Weed Cutting Group and Severn Trent for keeping the reservoir full, the water is great for sailing.  All of your General Committee Members have been extremely busy working away on the many and various tasks that are essential to keeping the club sailing.  It is a fact that most members never get to see much of what goes on in the background.  For example, we arrive on a weekend at the club to find that there are replanted plant pots outside the front of the clubhouse, the grass is cut, the benches are to be refurbished and many other small jobs around the club have been done, it’s almost as though by magic, except it isn’t magic, it’s those wonderful guys of the “Thursday Club”. Thanks Guys from all of us!

Also thanks, Ryan,  for your help Wednesday with me, after a day at work, when we took a Rib out onto the water and set about freeing the previously “Stuck Weed Cutting Blades” – another example of efforts made for the good of the club. Judith and her Galley Team beaver away in the background and lots of things happen that the general members never see.  Also Peter Dunn, our Commodore, does a great deal for this club that people do not see.

The Committee, not just those mentioned here, are actively helping keep our club viable.  Why I am rambling on?  Well I think it’s good just to let you, the valued members, know that things are happening to keep our club as the premier sailing and racing club in the area.  We always need volunteers to get involved, to do some of the things that are not getting entirely covered at the moment, even if you just took on one little task, that would help enormously.  For example, one of our newest members has taken on the Emergency Lighting, Fire and other Safety items at the club, another job well done.

We are extremely fortunate to have such dedicated and willing people to help keep us in prime condition and comfortable.  Please join us and do whatever you can to help maintain the facility.

I am busy planning a New Event to try to establish us as a venue not to miss on the sailing circuit.  A “12 Hour Race”, with teams of up to 12 sailors in a Team with a limited number of Classes.  I would like to make this Open to all comers from any sailing club and I already have considerable support for this so please step up with your contribution.  We would envisage combining the event with perhaps a Beer Festival, Barbeque and possibly Live Music on the night; it’s still all in the planning stage at the moment and I really do need a helping hand.  If you are interested in helping to put our club even more on the sailing map and you can do anything to help, however small, let me know.  We will need things covered like ODs, AODs, Markers, Spotters, Rescue Crews – you name it, we’ll need it.  If you can help please let me know.

If you have any ideas or things you would like to see happen then please have a chat with me whenever you see me at the club. So to end my ramblings, things are looking good at Shustoke Sailing Club, and your Committee is dedicated to improving things even more over the coming months.  I hope to see even more of you on the water over the coming weeks, the club has been really busy lately and it’s a great place to be, let’s make it even busier.


Chris Padro
Rear Commodore Sailing