Great news we have a new Honda 40hp engine on Jumbo the Yellow rib.  You may have noticed Jumbo in the compound waiting for the engine to be either repaired or replaced. The repair would have cost about £2,000 and we would still have an old engine. As part of my contract with the RYA I go around many other sailing clubs and I noticed that a lot of the engines came from the same leasing company. After further investigation the cost of leasing an engine is less than the cost of a yearly service and includes all the servicing and a replacement prop. The engine was fitted on site and they also replaced the steering, control panel, cables and even the fuel tank.

IMPORTANT – the leased engine CANNOT be tampered with by anyone. Any problems must be reported to the leasing agent, contact details are on the engine cover.

The weed cutting has proved to be very successful this year. Seven Trent is doing bottom surveys of a lot of their reservoirs and a few week ago they did one of our pound.  The survey took most of a day and the only weed they found was past 6 going toward the straw bales, were the water is shallower. So a big well done to all that help cut the weed before it could get started this year and a big thank you to all those that helped the club buy the weed boat. As it turns out the boat we hired last year is not available this year as they have had to use it to cut their own weed infestation.

Membership is down slightly on last year, which looks to be a common trend across the Midlands. The midland club census has had some major drops in membership but a lot of this could be put down too re-organisation of club membership categories due to CASC. Remember to talk about the club to your friends and family as we can always sort out a free taster session.

Lots of events still left to take place this year so come down to the club and support the open meetings.

The Thursday afternoon crew have been very busy looking after the grounds this year, which has saved the club many thousands also Dennis continues to monitor the water depth and we are hopefully in the about to get a rebate for last year which will help keep the treasurer smiling. A real big thank you to all that do so much to help keep the club looking great. Just a quick reminder that it is the responsibility of boat owners to ensure that their pitch is kept clear of weeds. Dennis is working on a list of jobs that need doing and will be calling for a working party next month.

The pontoon has been emptied of water so now it actually all floats again Peter Williams and Neal have fitted access holes and capped them. Please leave these alone as we are monitoring how quickly water re-enters. Thank you to Peter & Neal.

The water leak on the on the path behind the club has been repaired, it appeared that the tree roots had pushed apart the main water pipe coming into the club. A big thank you to those members that bought the leak to my attention.

Fair winds

Peter Dunn