Welcome to the 2000 Fleet page of Shustoke Sailing Club. This short introduction and the information below will give you a flavour of the 2000 fleet, our main activities and what is currently going on.

The 2000 Class (formerly known as Laser 2000) is both a club racer and a family cruiser.  It is a forgiving boat that provides exhilarating gennaker sailing for both novice and advanced sailors.

The Boat

The 2000 is a two-handed 4.3m boat with a GRP hull and foam sandwich deck moulding featuring a modern asymmetric rig including a furling jib, reefing battened mainsail and an asymmetric spinnaker (gennaker) which is hoisted simply from a sock and retrieved with a single line.

A high boom provides plenty of headroom whilst the self-draining cockpit keeps the crew dry and drains quickly should the boat capsize.

The 2000 has established an enviable record as a resilient and versatile design. Since its introduction in 1998 more than 2,400 boats have been built.

The 2000 is virtually maintenance-free meaning that precious spare time can be spent sailing. The boat is large enough to accommodate up to three adults or two adults plus two little ones or can be sailed single-handed in light winds, although class rules specify that two are required for racing.


The 2000 is capable of taking a trapeze for the crew.  Although not standard equipment, it is available as a manufacturer’s optional extra.  This can add another dimension to the fun and experience of sailing a 2000 at Shustoke.

Our Fleet

We are currently a fleet of 7 boats and the fleet enjoys a broad range of experience from newcomers right up to experienced helms/crew, all of whom contend for honours against the other classes at Shustoke.  However, we are a friendly bunch who are looking for fun and (sometimes) excitement in sailing. Shustoke SC has three 2000s as training boats which are being put to good use in our lively and comprehensive training programme.

When We Sail

Most 2000s tend to sail on Saturdays when we have the most 2000s turn up to sail and race.  More of the other Shustoke sailors also tend to sail on Saturdays and the emphasis is on light-hearted competition.

Some of us go in for 2000 open meetings competitions further afield and there is a strong series of events organised each year by the 2000 Class Association. You are recommended to join the Class Association where, for just £15, there is an abundance of information about the boat, the class and its activities including open meetings, training and technical advice as well as advertising boats and equipment for sale. You will also receive regular copies of the Association magazine, Millennium Mutterings.

What We Do

Our main activity is racing in the Club seasonal series but we also periodically hold training or coaching sessions specifically for our class from time to time.  Being a sociable bunch, we often extend the invitation to recently qualified sailors and other relevant classes to join in our activities too.

From time to time we have competitions for our fleet through the year, based on taking the results from the normal club racing put on by the Club.

One of the attractions of our own competitions has been the introduction of “personal handicaps” which aims to put less experienced, less competent helms/crews on a par with the more experienced.  This has proved to be extremely popular with our fleet and a further source of fun for all of us, much to the amusement of the non-2000 sailors!


For more information visit the 2000 Class Association website or RS Sailing website