The GP14 was designed by Jack Holt in 1949 as a General Purpose (GP) 14 foot dinghy which could be cruised, raced or rowed, able to be towed behind a family car and launched and recovered reasonably easily. The boat was initially designed with 2 sails (a main and small jib) as a comfortable family dinghy. Nowadays it has 3 sails: a mainsail, either a large, overlapping foresail (called a ‘Genoa’) or a smaller jib and a traditional symmetrical spinnaker set on a spinnaker pole. It can be sailed by people of all ages and with a full rig it is an exciting racing dinghy with a wide tolerance of all-up crew weight. The GP14 has turned out to be an outstanding family, racing and training dinghy and is still very popular at many sailing clubs including Shustoke SC.

Like many sailing dinghies the GP14 has evolved during its 65 years history and the many features of the boat which can affect sailing performance are strictly one-design and are tightly controlled by the GP14 Class Association thereby ensuring boats of whatever age should be competing on fairly equal terms. Construction materials too have moved on from the original wood and marine ply, through traditional glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) to the latest foam reinforced plastic (FRP) designs which offer superb stiffness and durability. To date over 14,000 GP14’s have been built.

Each year the UK has a National Championship and a number of regional Championships, an Inland Championship and a Youth Championship, plus a considerable number of Open Meetings around the country.


GP14 Vital Statistics 

Length Overall

4.3 Metres


1.6 Metres

Sail Area (Main&Genoa)

12.85 Sq. Metres

Sail Area (Spinnaker)

8.4 Sq. Metres

Hull Weight 

133 Kg


Racing 2

Crew Weight 

120 – 185 Kg


The GP14 Fleet at Shustoke Sailing Club has 27 GP14 owners, many of whom regularly compete in club racing. The Fleet comprises both experienced members and those new to sailing. There is always plenty of friendly and helpful advice on all matters relating to sailing, rigging, tuning, racing and buying GP14’s.


For more information visit the GP14 Website