The Mirror dinghy was originally designed by Jack Holt and built in partnership with TV DIY expert Barry Bucknell in 1962, using the stitch and glue building method with plywood panels, copper nails and fibreglass tape and resin. It was intended to be built with little experience and DIY tools which means the design is fairly uncomplicated. Its Gunter rig comprising a mast and gaff (which effectively doubled the mast height) meant the spars could be packed inside the hull for easy storage and transportation.

The Mirror dinghy has probably done more than any other design to make dinghy sailing in the UK a sport available to anyone and has been exported all over the world with over 70,600 being built to date. The Mirror dinghy being small, light and easy to sail made it ideally suited as a family boat and a first class choice for children or teenagers learning to sail. Its ease of handling makes it a very good single-hander but equally it can be crewed (2 up). It is an RYA adopted Junior Class; ideal for training young people and many of the UKs top sailors and Olympians started sailing in a Mirror.


Mirror Vital Statistics

Length Over All

3.30 Metres


1.39 Metres

Sail Area – Main

4.6 Sq. Metres

Sail Area – Jib

1.9 Sq. Metres


4.4 Sq. Metres

Weight – complete

61.29 Kg

Weight – Hull only

45.5 Kg

Crew Weight

80 – 110 Kg











In 2006 the Bermudan rig (Single alloy mast) was introduced replacing the Gunter gaff rig and in 2007 the Mark 3 GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Mirror was developed, the laminate giving a super light and stiff hull. Being a strict one-design class ensures that boats of whatever age, construction or rig should be capable of competing on fairly equal terms.

The Shustoke Mirror fleet offers great opportunities for the novice sailor by virtue of the extensive knowledge available and the more experienced sailor will benefit from the challenging racing and competitiveness within the fleet. There is a good spirit within the fleet and advice and assistance is available on sailing skills, techniques, rules, boat purchase or restoration as well as sailing equipment and kit.


For more information see the Mirror Website