The Solo is a classic one-design, single-handed racing dinghy designed by Jack Holt in 1956. The Solo remains a very popular dinghy and is possibly the UK’s best supported adult single-hander class. Originally designed and still available in wood, competitive boats are now widely available in Foam Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or a composite construction of FRP hull and wood deck from a number of UK boat builders. The Solo’s features include

  • Inward sloping decks for comfortable sitting out 
  • Keel stepped, stayed single mast
  • Light, double-chined hull
  • Fully battened sail

 The primary objectives of the Class Association are to promote racing in Solo’s and to stimulate single handed sailing. The Class Rules are framed to ensure that in hull form, hull weight, spars and sail plan the boats are as nearly alike as possible. Being a one-design class this ensures boats of whatever age, construction or rig should be capable of competing on fairly equal terms. There is, however, considerable latitude in the manner in which the sail may be controlled and sheeted to suit the helmsman’s personal preference.


  Solo Vital Statistics

Length (Metre)


Beam (Metre)


Sail Area (Sq. M)


Hull Weight (Kg)


Crew Weight (Kg)

65 – 100








The Solo Fleet at Shustoke SC has over 40 members with a broad range of experience right up to very experienced and competitive helms who successfully compete at both regional and National Solo Events.

There is always plenty of friendly and helpful advice on all matters relating to sailing, rigging, tuning, racing and buying Solo’s.


For more information visit the Solo Website