Racing at Shustoke Sailing Club

Racing at Shustoke Sailing Club

The club races that count towards the Club Championship are:

Boxing Day Pursuit  - Gauntlet  - Easter Sunday Pursuit  - BonifaceTrophy - Commodore’s Cup 

     26/12/13                 02/13               04/13                     06/13                        11/13

Race Times

Race Series will run as below and will start and finish on the first and last days of the listed months

Winter Dec – Feb          Spring Mar – May                Summer June – Aug            Autumn Sept – Nov

Winter        Saturday & Sunday                                                  11.00      13.00      14.30 

Spring, Summer, & Autumn   Saturday                                11:30      13:30      15:00

                                                        Sunday                               11.00      13.30      15.00 

Thursday Evening 03rd May - 23rd August                         19:00

Race Week Evening  11th - 15th June                                    19:00

Club Series

Saturday Hcap/Pursuit Series     11:00 or 11:30    Pursuit 60 min

                                                  13:00 or 13:30   Average Lap Handicap

                                                  14:30 or 15:00   Pursuit 60 min

Sunday Pursuit Am Series           11:00                Pursuit 80 min

Sunday Mirror Series                  13:00 or 13:30     Class Race

Sunday Solo Series                     13:00 or 13:30     Class Race

Sunday Handicap Series             13:00 or 13:30     Average Lap Handicap

Sunday Pursuit Pm Series           14:30 or 15:00    Pursuit 60 min

Thursday Evenings Series           19:00                Average Lap Handicap

Race Week Evening Series            19:00               Average Lap Handicap


Open Meetings 2012

Sunday 12 February       Gauntlet Pursuit

Saturday 24 March         Lark Open,    GP14 Open (no general sailing)

Saturday 26th May          Topper Open (no general sailing)

Sunday 10 June              Solo Open (no general sailing)

Saturday 1 September   Mirror Open (part of lake)

Sunday 23 September   Laser Open, Phantom Open (no general sailing)

Saturday 13 October*     Junior Open (part of lake)

Prize Giving Awards - 2011

Saturday Hcap / Pursuit

Sunday Mirror

Sunday Solo 

Sunday Pursuit a.m

Sunday Pursuit p.m.  

Sunday Handicap

Winter Series 2010/2011

1st  Catherine Grove &  Pat Hufton   Neil Wilkinson  Neil Wilkinson   Stuart Hydon &      Ryan Padro &
Peter Smith             Nick Hydon      Nick Hydon
2nd   Richard Charles  Brian Nicholson  Richard Charles  Stuart Hydon     Adrian Padro &      Stuart Hydon &
   Hannah Hydon      Nick Hydon
3rd  Liz Robinson   Fred Gilbert Stuart Hydon   Adrian Padro &   Chris Biglin &      Adrian Padro &
Hannah Hydon   Ann Biglin            Hannah Hydon

Spring Series 2011

1st  Richard Charles  Pat Hufton      Neil Wilkinson  Cole Briscoe &      Pat Hufton        Tony Fullford
Darren Briscoe
2nd  Kevin Lynch  Fred Gilbert       Simon Deeks  Richard Charles     Adrian Padro &        Adrian Padro &
    Hannah Hydon       Hannah Hydon
3rd  David Barlow   Stuart Ellis       Richard Charles  Roger Hopper      Fred Gilbert        Kevin Lynch

Summer Series 2011

1st  Chris Biglin   Pat Hufton     Mike Evans         Andy Bownes Pat Hufton   Peter Smith 
2nd  Catherine Grove &  Brian Nicholson    Simon Deeks        Mike Evans Len Kniveton  Cole Briscoe &
Peter Smith Darren Briscoe
3rd  Peter Maidment Len Kniveton     Andy Bownes         Ann Biglin Fred Gilbert  Chris Padro

Autumn Series 2011

1st   Catherine Grove &  Peter Smith                         Pat Hufton              Mike Evans  Richard Charles      Adrian Padro         Adrian Padro & crew
2nd   Peter Maidment  Fred Gilbert            Richard Charles   Roger Hopper       Pat Hufton      Cole Briscoe & crew
3rd  Martin Richards  Len Kniveton        Andy Bownes  Mike Evans       Len Kniveton        Tony Fullford & Judith Fullford
Thursday Evening  Race Week
1st  Stuart Hydon          Stuart Hydon 
2nd  Chris Biglin           Chris Biglin 
3rd  Mike Evans          Jim Hopton 

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