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Sailing on Shustoke Reservoir is controlled by the Shustoke Sailing Club and is subject to the Club's rules, the bye-laws and lease conditions of STWA and the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

The decision to open or close the water for sailing is the sole responsibility of the duty OOD including the decision to start, cancel, postpone or abandon racing. In exceptional circumstances the duty OOD may be relieved of responsibility by an Officer of the club taking over the OOD role.

The OOD or any Officer of the Club (or Instructors/group leaders for those under their supervision) may prohibit from going afloat any person or boat they consider to be a risk to themselves or others in the prevailing conditions.

Persons under the age of 16

Whilst on the Shustoke sailing Club premises a person under the age of 16 years must at all times be under the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

Boats not taking part in racing

Boats not taking part in the organised club racing (or the organisers of training or other events being held at the Club alongside club racing) shall report to the duty OOD and put themselves under his/her direction. Any craft not abiding by any restrictions (e.g. time or sailing area) imposed by the duty OOD on such activities may be refused access to the water.



The safety of a boat and all persons aboard and her entire management shall be the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner/person in charge of the boat. The Club shall not be liable for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the owner/competitor, his skipper or crew as a result of their decision to sail or race.

Moreover, every owner/competitor warrants the suitability of their boat and crew for the prevailing conditions.


All boats must be insured against Third Party risks for a minimum of £2,000,000 and a declaration of compliance is required from all competitors before being allowed to sail.

Personal Buoyancy

Adequate personal buoyancy MUST be worn at all times when on the water or pontoons. Buoyancy aids shall be of the type that requires no action on the part of the wearer upon entering the water to keep afloat. Neither a wet-suit nor a dry-suit constitute adequate personal buoyancy. A dry suit or wet suit suitable for the conditions must be worn between the months of December and March whilst on the water.


The decision to abandon sailing lies with the OD or lead instructor and may be taken for reasons not immediately evident to sailors. If an abandonment is signalled then ALL boats should IMMEDIATELY return to shore and report to the OD office for further instructions.

An abandonment will be signalled by the flying or waving of flag N (blue & white checks) accompanied by 4 (four) sound signals. The sound signals may be repeated at intervals until everyone is aware.

This signal is widely recognised for boats racing but shall apply equally to any boat using Shustoke Reservoir, whether racing or not.

A safety boat acting under instruction from the OD may direct all or any boat ashore and this should also be complied with immediately. Any issues arising from this will be dealt with once ashore.


For the purpose of this rule the RYA is the National Authority and SHUSTOKE SAILING CLUB is the organising Authority. Under the rules of SSC the Sailing Committee is appointed as the Race Committee, but shall delegate its responsibilities to an OOD and duty crew for each day's racing.


Racing will take place under the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 (RRS), the prescriptions of the RYA including the RYA Charter, the appropriate class rules and these sailing instructions. Starting times for races will be published prior to the start of each series. Changes to instructions will be posted near the plan of the reservoir, in or adjacent to the OOD Office.  


Signing on

All entrants must sign on prior to each race (in the OOD Office unless specified otherwise by the OOD).

Helms may change boat and/or class between races when signed on accordingly.

Measurement Certificates

All competing boats must comply with their class rules. Competitors may also be required to produce a valid certificate of measurement for the boat and/or sails and results or prizes achieved may be withheld until produced.



The course will be displayed on a board beside the OOD’s Office and may also be displayed on the committee boat. The marks to be used will be the permanent club marks plus any additional ones that may be installed by the Race Committee which shall be drawn onto the reservoir map.

Numbered discs on the course board may be used to describe the order and direction the marks are to be rounded. (Green discs show the mark is to be left to starboard and Red discs to be left to port). In case of any discrepancy between the discs and the drawn course, the drawn course takes precedence.

The following priority exists: if the course is displayed on the Committee Boat then this will be the definitive course.

Change of course

If the Race Committee move a course marks during a race it will be signalled only by the flying of flag C.

This changes RRS 33

Race Duration

For handicap and class races, the number of rounds to be sailed (counted from the first mark of the course unless otherwise specified) will be displayed at the same location as the course. If the number of laps is not displayed then the race shall continue until shortened in accordance with RRS 32.

For pursuit races, the race duration shall be displayed at the same location as the course.


Starting Line

This will be shown on the course board. When the committee boat forms part of the line the line shall pass through the yellow line on the side of the cabin.

Starting Procedure

The starting procedure will be in accordance with RRS Rule 26. Subsequent class starts will be at times displayed at the OOD Office.

RRS Rule 30.2 will not apply.


Class Races:

Unless specified differently as part of the course, this will be the line between the specified mark of the course and the staff bearing the on station flag of the committee boat. The race may be shortened at any mark of the course and this will be signalled by the flying of Flag "S", accompanied by two sound signals.

Pursuit Races:

At the completion of the race duration a long sound signal will be made. Competitors should stop racing and hold their position relative to other boats until a second long sound signal is made or they are specifically released by instruction from a Race Control boat.

Average Lap Races:

The Race Committee may elect to calculate the results on a reduced number of laps from the number sailed if they consider that changing conditions have advantaged or disadvantaged part of the fleet disproportionately.

Time limit

There shall be no time limit for any race. However boats not finishing within 30 minutes of the first boat to finish may be awarded retirement points unless the Race Committee considers that a fair result can be reported from observation of the position of competitors on the course. This changes RRS 35.


Declarations are only required from competitors that have retired from the race or have accepted a two turn penalty during the race. These must be signed within 30 minutes of the last boat finishing. Where races are sailed back to back this limit applies from the finish of the latter race.


Advisory Hearings and RYA Arbitration are available and are encouraged for all club racing.

Intention to lodge a protest must be notified to the OOD. within 15 minutes of completing the race. Those involved should hold themselves in readiness for the hearing which will be held as soon as possible. If races have been sailed back to back then protests for both races should be advised within 15 minutes of the end of the later race.


Scoring Penalties (RRS Rule 44.3) will not apply.


Unless published otherwise for particular events, the low point system of RRS Appendix A shall apply with the following modifications:

-  A boat that did not finish, retired after finishing, or was disqualified shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of boats that started in the race.

-  A boat that did not start shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of boats entered in the series.

The qualification & discard profile for each series shall be as published by the Sailing Committee.


For the purposes of RRS 41, assistance given by rescue boats to capsized boats or persons in the water shall be a permitted exception.


Any change to the 'Section C - Sailing Instructions for Club Racing' will be displayed on the Course Board or OOD Office at least 10 minutes before the first warning signal.

The instructions of Section A and Section B may not be changed by the duty OOD.

Lines of submerged straw bales installed at each end of the reservoir by STWA and any markers placed to indicate them (and their extension) shall be considered as a continuous obstruction.

April 2015 CB