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Sunsail Series 2019 Reports

Round #1 - 16/17 March 2019

Report: Saturday saw a hooley come in from the SW and all sailing was postponed - we split into 2 parties, one visiting the Submarine in Gosport, and the other the Mary Rose in Portsmouth. Sunday offered 25/35 knots from the NW which was pretty challenging. We had a reef or two in the main, and the part furled jib was hard to get working well. A challenging day's racing, but great to be out on the water again !!

Race Courses:

Race 1 - 43-4U-43-4U-43

Race 2 - 43-4U-45-43-45-43

Race 3 - 43-4K-43-4Z-43

Race 4 - 43-4Z-46-43-5E

Overall Race Result: 8/8/10/5 out of 9 - 8th overall Download Results PDF

Logged distance - 42nm

Round #2 - 30/31 March 2019

Report: Saturday provided 12/18 knots from the SE which was excellent for some spinnaker handling training and development. Overnight at Cowes. Sunday delivered 20/30 knots from ENE which was challenging at times, but we enjoy a good challenge !!! Another great weekend !

Race Courses:

Race 1 - 42-45-42-45-42

Race 2 - 42-45-42-45-42

Race 3 - 42-45-42-45-4Z-43

Race 4 - 42-5C-42-45-42

Race 5 - 42-46-42-45-5B-42

Race 6 - 42-5C-5A-5B-5A-5E

Overall Race Result: 4/6/8/11/5/11 out of 11 - 6th overall Download Results PDF

Logged distance - 62nm

Round #3 - 13/14 April 2019

Report: Saturday provided 16/20 knots from the E which was testing at times. Overnight at Cowes. Sunday delivered 18/24 knots from E which was hard work but fun. Overall a great weekend of sailing and racing !!

Race Courses:

Race 1 - 42-5B-42-5B-42

Race 2 - 42-5A-4Z-42-4Z-42

Race 3 - 42-5A-5B-45-5B-5A-42

Race 4 - 42-5A-42-5A-4X-4Z

Race 5 - 42-5A-42-5A-4Z-42

Race 6 - 42-5A-5B-43-45-43-42

Race 7 - 42-5A-5B-45-5B-5C-5E

Overall Race Result: 13/13/16/14/11/15/9 out of 18 - 14th overall Download Results PDF

Logged distance - 68nm

Round #4 - 15/16 June 2019

Report: Saturday's weather was a pleasant change after a week of almost continuous rain. The wind was pretty testing at 18-23 knots from the SSW, with squalls on top of that. We sailed 3 races, of which race #1 was our best result since we began racing in the Sunsail series. After the 3rd race, which we had to retire from (after a small ding with another boat), we had more serious equipment problems (furler & engine) which meant we had to return to Port Solent. The inclement Sunday forecast was really the final straw, and so what started as a brilliant race weekend ended a little prematurely: still a very gutsy performance from this budding race crew.

Race Courses:

Race 1 - 43-4X-43-4X-43

Race 2 - 43-4X-44-4X-43

Race 3 - 43-4X-42-46-42-43

Overall Race Result: 4/4/4 out of 9 for the first 3 races - 7th overall Download Results PDF

Logged distance - 37nm

Round #5 - 21/22 September 2019

The forecast for Saturday was clear but breezy, and with 20-25 knots from the ESE blowing against a flood tide, the sea was just a bit choppy, with the odd wave going over the deck. We completed 4 races in the East Solent area, off Lee-on-Solent before heading off for our soiree in Cowes. We moored at Shepards Marina and ate in the Basque Kitchen, which was a delight. It lived up to its reputation, with the Chef’s Special and one or two glasses of Estrella going down a real treat. The forecast for overnight and Sunday morning was rain coming in from the South with slightly lighter winds, namely 16-22 knots from the SSW. Although we had some rain during the early morning, from wake-up, leaving the marina to arriving at the race area, it was reasonably dry. However, once we arrived at the race area, the wind decided to go cyclonic and it took an hour to sort itself out. This meant the race sequence was delayed, and then moved to a more favourable location for the wind direction. So, on Sunday we only had time for two additional races, however, to our delight, we managed to get our ducks perfectly in a row and we chiselled in our first two victories in the Sunsail programme. Everyone played a significant part in making this one of the best Sunsail racing w/e we have enjoyed in the Shustoke Offshore Racing Section. So well done team – excellent job.

Race Courses:

Race 1 - 43-45-5C-4Y-4U-46-43

Race 2 - 43-5B-42-4Z-43

Race 3 - 43-5B-5A-42-45-4Z-43

Race 4 - 43-5B-46-42-4Z-43

Race 5 - 45-5A-45-5A-5B-45

Race 6 - 45-5A-5B-5D-5E-5F-5H-5J

Overall Race Result: 5 / 5 / 2 / 3 / 1 / 1 out of 7 with an overall of 2nd place Download Results PDF

Logged distance - 60nm

Round #6 - 5/6 October 2019

The forecast for Saturday was 3-5 knots and cyclonic becoming 5-10 knots from the SSE, which meant great weather for spinnaker training, which we duly did. Only 2 short races were raced and we clocked a 5th and 4th respectively. We adjourned to the frivolities of Cowes for our evening meal and entertainment - the Island Sailing Club did us proud, and we enjoyed a pre-nightcap at the Anchor to the dulcet tones of "Dirty l'il Secret", a local rock band, who were excellent !!! Stuart had invested in a bottle of port, so back on the boat we helped him demolish that before retiring. Sunday saw us blessed with a bright sunny day and 18 knots from the NW. Over the morning this built to 20+ knots with some longer gusts of up to 28-30 knots. We had 3 further races, with Geoff, Jane and Brian helming, and we clocked up two 3rds and a 6th place, which we were delighted with. The Shustoke Offshore Racing Section crew comprised Nina, Brian, Jane, Mark, Simon, Stuart, Felix and Geoff. - well done team – another excellent job and a great racing weekend.

Race Courses:

Race 1 - 43-45-43-45-43

Race 2 - 43-45-43-45-43

Race 3 - 45-43-42-4X-4Z-45

Race 4 - 45-4U-4X-4Z-43-45

Race 5 - 5A-4X-5A-43-5C-5J

Overall Race Results: 5 / 4 / 3 / 3 / 6 out of 10 with an overall of 4th place Download Results PDF

Logged distance - 50nm


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